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Use the pool protector to protect your child from drowning.
Your child is the love of your life and keeping them safe is every parent’s biggest responsibility.  But, even the most diligent parent can get distracted, and all it takes is a second and your child is off – either on their own, or worse, taken by a stranger.  We offer some of the most effective child safety products available to help you protect them.

More than 900 children between 1 and 14 die each year in drowning accidents. The Pool Protector pool alarm is an electronic monitoring system that will sound automatically if your child or pet falls into the pool. The pool alarm's electronic sensor will trigger a loud, pulsating alarm at the unit and to the remote receiver inside your home (up to 200 feet). Easy to install and simple to operate. 12 volt power supply. This unit SAVES lives!

Retail: $159.00
Price: $139.00
Panda Child Guard
Have you ever experienced the terror of thinking your child is missing or lost? We have all had the gut-wrenching feeling of turning around in a busy mall and finding that our child is nowhere in sight. NEW and IMPROVED, the Panda shaped Child Guard transmitter is worn by the child and the receiver is worn by the adult. The signal distance is adjustable between 3 to 21 ft. If the child goes beyond the distance the adult's receiver starts to beep to alert them the child is moving away.

Retail: $25.50
Price: $20.95
Great protection for older kids and teens, the Mace® SCREECHER AEROSOL ALARM emits an "ear-piercing" blast readily recognized as an emergency call for help. Heard up to 1/4 mile away. Push-top activator. Contains 30 short blasts. Small size fits conveniently inside a backpack, pocket or purse.
Price: $9.95
Make sure your child is being cared for properly. The Teddy Bear Hidden DVR Camera is a first of its kind. This completely covert hidden Teddy Bear DVR camera comes with a motion activated DVR, Hi resolution 480 TV line hidden color camera, a 20 hour rechargeable battery, 8 GB SD card for 64 hrs video recording, RCA Cable, Manual, and remote control for easy operation.

Retail $496.00 SAVE $100!
Price: $396.00

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